My Part in the Downfall of Short Term Car Insurance

My name is Clarence and I am responsible for the downfall of short term car insurance (which you can buy in the Uk from here).

I never thought that what I was doing was wrong. In fact, I was so sure that I was doing the right thing in all of this. It didn’t end with an apocalyptic boom or a bunch of bodies piled up on a freeway. It actually didn’t end at all. In short, I am responsible for the worldwide craze that is short term car insurance. Some people think this is a good thing of course. I mean, it is usually not considered a bad thing to have a car insurance. Have you ever heard a person say: “How dare you protect your car!!” or “I can’t believe you don’t want to give up your entire salary to pay for a car accident!” That simply does not happen. Most people consider you to be a responsible, honest person if you have car insurance and short term car insurance is no different.

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Why am I complaining then? The simple answer is that I liked being special. I liked being the only person in a group that knew what short term can insurance was and exactly how to get it. I enjoyed the confused expressions on my friend’s faces when I would tell them about the convenience of it, the complete coverage options, and the low, low price. Looking back, I should have just kept my mouth shut, but if there’s one thing I have come to learn about myself from this whole experience is that I am an attention hog. This trait is coupled with the fact that I hate sharing. I wanted to be the only one in my group that knew about short term car insurance and I had no idea that my bragging would result in half of the world’s population obtaining car insurance. Now long term car insurance is the rarity and short term is the norm.

To make a long story short, word spread about my short term car insurance at the speed of light. This was mostly due to the popularity of a certain social networking website. My friends told their friends and family who told their friends and families, and so on and so forth. Pretty soon, everyone was talking about it. Newspapers were writing about it and insurance companies exploded with increased business. I practically ended the entire global recession with just a few simple sentences, for crying out loud! The world is a much happier place since everyone obtained short term car insurance, and through this whole experience I have learned to keep some things to myself.

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